Tristan Eaton Partners with SpaceX and NASA to Launch Art into Space

SpaceX and NASA have tapped Tristan Eaton to create a custom piece of art that will be sent to space.

We are beyond thrilled to present Tristan's 'Human Kind,' a series of paintings that will accompany two NASA astronauts set to go to the International Space Station at a 3:22pm launch on Saturday May 30, 2020.

From Tristan:
As an artist I try to look at the world with a big picture view. No one gets a bigger view of our world than our brave astronauts on the ISS. When SpaceX asked me to create art to join these astronauts in space, I wanted to make something inspirational. Looking down from space to see all of Human Kind together on this tiny planet might remind you how much history and potential we have. Yet we have so much further to go. With this in mind, I created a series of indestructible, 2 sided paintings made from gold, brass and aluminum to represent the duality of Human Kind, our past and our future. With kindness, hope and science, Human Kind has changed the world many times over. For a better future, we can do it again.

Huge congrats to Tristan, SpaceX, and NASA on this extraordinary accomplishment! The art will return to earth in three months, so stay tuned to see what happens next.