Tristan Eaton Drops His First-Ever Metal Dunny Figure, "New Money"

During his STRANGE FUTURE show that came to New York just last week, Tristan Eaton released "New Money," the first metal version of his iconic Dunny character he first created back in 2004. The Dunny was a huge hit at the show, with fans lining up to be the first to receive a chrome figure, signed by the artist himself. 

Hypebeast described the chrome piece in a recent article, part of their continued coverage of Tristan's show:

Eaton covers the Dunny figurine with his signature collage-like style, incorporating the words “New Money” into the design. “It’s really about sarcastically hyping up the bling of it, you know. Kind of bringing together all these bling stereotypes in a way,” Eaton explains. “There’s gold chains in there, gold teeth…you know, all those elements of decadence. Kind of brought it all into one form.” While the piece embodies “bling” culture, Eaton also etches floral motifs into the metal, allowing “New Money” to exhibit more natural detailing.

While the Dunny is sold out, there are still additional posters from the show available for sale at Tristan's website

For more of Tristan's work, visit his portfolio