Tristan Eaton Creates Marvel's Avengers Artwork for Ongoing Collaboration

When Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers game dropped in early September, it was only the beginning of an incredible series of artist collaborations with Tristan Eaton to celebrate the launch. To start, Tristan created original Marvel's Avengers artwork that would wrap the Collector’s Edition Packaging for select 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors (the new technology delivers a gaming experience for optimized play and more immersive in-game features). Tristan then went on to capture each of the Avengers in individual portraits, which are soon to be released as official Marvel prints. And last but not least in this epic collaboration, this body of work is now being used to inspire the creation of a set of one-off hand-built modded PCs — sculptural, functional computers inspired by the art!

Shop the collector's edition at Intel. To see more of Tristan's work, visit his portfolio. And stay on the lookout for the print release, coming soon.