Studio Number One Partners with Stella Artois to Create Social Distancing Mural at Truman Brewery

Studio Number One has designed "Together Apart Street Art," a bold socializing space at Truman Brewery in East London. SNO was commissioned by Stella Artois and Mother London for this project, a beautiful reminder to social distance in pubs and bars as the lockdowns begin to ease. 

Creative director Shepard Fairey comments: "With galleries and exhibitions closing their doors during lockdown, people have been unable to experience and appreciate art in the usual ways. My team collaborated with Stella Artois to create socially-distanced art to be publicly accessible, but also to facilitate safety as people reunite. I have a history at the Truman Brewery, so I’m excited that this debuts there."⁠⠀

Check out some drone shots of the artwork below, and if you're intested in reading more about the design for the project, head over to SNO's website.