Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to Show Selection of Erwin Olaf's Acquired Works

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will show an exhibition of Erwin Olaf's work, entitled "12x Erwin Olaf," from July 3 through September 22. The museum will celebrate the opening on July 2 — which also happens to be the artist's 60th birthday. Olaf says "It fills me with pride that on my 60th birthday I will be surrounded by an abundance of the beauty that has inspired me since my earliest youth. This is the root of my artistic expression."

In addition to a selection of works from the near 500 pieces that were gifted by the artist to the museum last year, Olaf has also selected eleven photographs and one video installation for display alongside eleven paintings and one print from the Rijksmuseum collection. Olaf says of the 12 combinations, "I recognise myself in these paintings; the inner need for self-expression, I find this exploration of the interior the toughest of all, but also the most enjoyable."

For more information about the show, head on over to the museum's website.

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