Introducing the Covid-19 Archive, a Gallery of New Work by ATRBUTE Artists

We are constantly in awe of the artists we have the privilege to represent — when faced with a challenge, they consistently rise to the occasion and defy expectations. Our current reality in the era of this global pandemic is no exception. It has been a distinct honor to watch them break boundaries and produce incredible work, especially at a time that might otherwise stifle the creative spirit.

Our photographers have set out into the streets, documenting a city frozen in time and those on the frontlines helping it to survive. Our animation studios have created videos of whimsical characters clapping from their balconies, celebrating moments of optimism in our lives of isolation. Our artists are using pen, paper, and even neon to convey essential messaging that will keep us all safe. 

Some of this work has been commissioned by various publishers and has been shared on various platforms. Some of it has been driven by the simple need to create and to communicate. It only felt right to amass it all in one place, serving as a time capsule of this unprecedented moment in our history. And even more importantly, it reminds us that where we can find art, we can find hope. 

We invite you to take a moment to explore our Covid-19 Archive.