"I Have Never Really Been Able To Do Anything Else": A Chat With Our Newest Illustrator and Typographer, Dave Homer

We've always been huge fans of Dave Homer's illustration and typography — he brings so much personality and energy to all of his projects, from client commissions to personal work to illustration play. We are so excited to welcome him to ATRBUTE's illustrator community!

We sent Dave our new artist questionnaire to get some insight into his background, his process, and his inspiration. Take a read through and join us in giving Dave a warm welcome!

If you could describe your work in 3 words, what would those be?
Lively. Boisterous. Crisp.

Was there a defining moment when illustration turned from a pastime to your career?

To be honest, I have never really been able to do anything else. I started my career as a Creative Director in the music industry for many years and then ran my own design company, but as more and more project requests being for illustration it seemed obvious that this is what I should be doing. So, in 2014, I disbanded my company and moved to New York to draw exclusively — best thing I ever did!

What's the first thing you do when you get a new client brief?

I try to understand what connection to the project that they see in my visual style, and how I can expand that aesthetic into the work.

Early bird or a night owl?

Early bird. These days I live right on Bondi Beach in Sydney, and having been a lifelong surfer usually start my days in the surf at sunrise.

How do you work past a creative block?

Step away from it. I like to go for a surf or a swim, or even just leave the studio and play some guitar. Sometimes it works...

How do you reward yourself when you finish a big project?

I relent to his pleas and play with my dog.

What's your absolute favorite piece of work you created in the past 12 months? 

I don't know if it’s my favourite, but I’ve been enjoying creating a series of graffitied marble statues from iconic old skate photographs. (Image included below.)

If you could give young Dave one piece of advice, what would that be?

Have more faith that your style is unique and valid. It took me a while to find my voice and trust in it, but I stumbled across it eventually!