"Clinique ID" Product Launch by Andrew Zuckerman

In Spring 2018 Clinique asked Andrew Zuckerman for help with their new custom moisturizer launch. The challenge was to tell a story across channels about their newest innovation in skincare – a modern reinvention of a classic Clinique product. ID consisted of 3 bases and 5 activators each with a different skin concerns resulting in a huge number of possible combinations. To communicate all of the possible variations of the product across all platforms they chose to approach the project as a kit of parts consisting of a range of global faces, product imagery that described its use, and the ingredients used in the activator. In order to retain the brand value of purity and simplicity, they developed a bold typography language with roots in 2d modernist print posters that have an almost analog tone and reductive movement. In the end they delivered a set of over 200 discreet films and 25 images that were used in broadcast, traditional print, retail, and social media.

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