Brendan Monroe Commissioned for Custom Piece at SCOPE Art Show

Brendan Monroe has joined up with SCOPE Art Show to create "Waterfall," a 3 layer Serigraph print on Coventry Rag paper for their New York show next week. This custom front entrance piece will welcome visitors into the show next week, open from March 5 to 8 at Metropolitan Pavilion. 

In addition, Brendan has designed SCOPE's city-wide wheat pasting campaign, bringing the art down from the walls and out to the streets!

A special edition run of 100 prints will also be available for purchase at the show, with a portion of the proceeds going towards funding future artist projects at SCOPE Art Shows. Curated in collaboration with Christopher Jobson, founder of Colossal. 

To learn more about SCOPE's New York show, visit their website

To see more of Brendan's work, visit his portfolio