Andrew Zuckerman Shoots Fall Staples Campaign for Theory

Theory has announced the Staples capsule collection, a line of functional, fundamental garments designed to fit work and life, forming the foundation of the modern wardrobe. For the campaign, Andrew Zuckerman has applied his unique approach to portraiture to photograph each piece of the collection, capturing the unique qualities and nuances of each garment. Instead of relying on the common trope of fashion campaigns that extend the power of influencers or celebrities, Zuckerman has taken the shoot beyond the scope of any single wearer. This fresh vision reminds that Theory is a brand built on attentiveness; every detail from construction to the final stitch is carefully considered and exposed. His exploration of each objects' characteristics and versatility testifies to their ability to come together and form a collection of indispensable garments.

In Zuckerman's words, “we have presented these clothes in a neutral, clarified space in order to draw out the garments essential qualities. They really become portraits of something that each has an individual presence. None of them are the same.”

For more of Andrew Zuckerman's work, visit his portfolio.