Andrew Zuckerman Launches Podcast 'At a Distance' with Spencer Bailey

Andrew Zuckerman and Spencer Bailey, creators of The Slowdown and Time Sensitive, have launched their newest project, At a Distance.

From Andrew: "When Spencer Bailey and I began building The Slowdown a year and a half ago, we never imagined the world would find itself in a global slowdown like the one we’re in. We did, however, know that change is needed and was going to come one way or another, and that a slower approach to things, with longer-term thinking, was necessary to improving our planet. With the current pandemic, we felt it was all the more important to create a platform that gets away from the fear- and anxiety-inducing news cycle we’re in and create a podcast with a whole-earth perspective (hence the whole earth catalog nod on the cover). So we’re making At a Distance, which we launched today. With the two of us in different places — I’m upstate, Spencer in Brooklyn — we’ve set up home studios and are calling people all over the world, such as environmentalist and writer Bill McKibben, post-traumatic stress expert Bessel van der Kolk, and food urbanist Carolyn Steel, to look at the big picture. We hope it provides a sense of comfort — or, at least, context."

Tune into At a Distance wherever you get your podcasts. To see more of Andrew's work, visit his portfolio