Karan — Singh

Karan Singh is a multidisciplinary Australian artist and illustrator living and working in Amsterdam. His distinct work is a contemporary and playful mixture of op-art and mid-century graphic design. Through restricted yet vibrant colour palettes and hypnotising pattern, he explores and exploits our perception of depth and movement. Singh’s interests lie in the banality of shapes and objects which often feature as the subjects of his work. His explorations investigate how we transform the banal into the extraordinary by implanting them with hope, ritual and nostalgia. His art lives in an eclectic variety of mediums, from prints and sculpture to music videos and augmented reality installations.

His professional career has seen him based in a number of cities including Tokyo, New York, Malmö, Sydney, Melbourne and now Amsterdam. He’s worked with OK Go on music videos, created custom sneakers with Nike, a slew of illustrations for Apple, AirBnb, Instagram and his 1000 piece puzzle is now stocked in the Museum of Modern Art.