Tristan Eaton - E.M.M.A.

Tristan Eaton will be releasing a series of digital artworks to the metaverse! The E.M.M.A.s are Tristan Eaton’s first-ever animated paintings and first-ever NFTs. After decades of making collectible vinyl toys and painting murals across the globe, Tristan felt compelled to bring his own original approach to the revolutionary NFT market. Using a combination of spray-painted animation frames and digital illustration, he set out to create a set of ambient paintings in an infinite loop that mesmerizes and hypnotizes. Fitting with his collage aesthetic, these animated paintings are a combination of imagery ripped, torn, and brought together to find harmony in a never-ending motion.

Tristan's Genesis NFT drop is the first of its kind. As he brings his work to the digital realm, he hopes to bring his collectors with him through this transitional project. Tristan will gift every person who purchases an E.M.M.A. NFT one hand-painted frame from the animation. This project will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain and will include 4 NFTs for purchase- each an edition of 35, and will go for .1821 ETH ($777 USD).

View the entire collection here.