Tina Touli Gives Keynote Speech at Birmingham Design Festival

The Birmingham Design Festival is annual conference that celebrates the design industry at a local, national, and international level, took place June 6 through 8 in Birmingham. Tina's keynote at BDF speech was entitled "Blending the physical and the digital world" and is summarized below:

Nowadays more and more creatives tend to follow the same processes, starting and finishing their projects on the computer. We try to find inspiration from other professionals, a convenient source that often leads us to an infinite loop. Different design processes can lead to unique outcomes. The digital world offers us all these exciting tools, but it sometimes feels that it lacks a tactile materiality. The physical world can do so many amazing things, but it is the digital one that makes everything possible! It is up to us to choose whether we want to be camouflaged within somebody else’s approach, or to discover unexplored areas of design through a journey into blending the analogue and digital worlds.

Tina will be giving the same talk at the Bump Festival in Belgium on June 21 and at a TUMO workshop in Armenia in July.