Facebook - Lift Black Voices Hub

To celebrate Juneteenth this year, Texas based multidisciplinary artist Temi Coker created beautifully bold visuals for a dynamic animated header for Facebook's LIFT BLACK VOICES hub

Temi and Facebook created an immersive environment through various scenes that highlighted the breadth of the Black community. This was an opportunity to shine a light on less represented parts of Black culture and share in both the joy of this day and acknowledge the plight to equality and justice that still remains.

Temi’s idea behind this concept is to “think of this piece as a museum of celebration". The significance behind the stage was also the idea that important people and things are always front and center - whether it be the Oscar’s, Grammy, theater etc. being on a stage shows importance… you belong and are the focus. 

Lift Black Voices recognizes the impact of Black Americans as the true patriots by celebrating history through community and action.