Wave Coloring Book

WAVE is not your average coloring book. Once opened, it unfolds into a nine-foot-long panel, featuring a continuous and dream-like illustration by Shantell. The book also provides a blank canvas for those who interact with it. After people add their own splash of color, the reverse side can be used to create a personalized unfolding illustration. WAVE brings the art gallery to the living room, and becomes a display piece that gives daring colorists the opportunity to transform and personalize a piece of art in a whole new way.

“Martin’s masterful line and wild imagination construct an inviting wonderland of whimsical creatures and psychedelic shapes, fusing the soft surrender of a dream with the active alertness of a jubilant hallucination.”— Maria Popova, Brainpickings

“In the midst of an unprecedented wave of adults turning to coloring to ease their anxiety, artist Shantell Martin finds mindfulness in black and white.”— The Huffington Post

Available at: Barnes and Noble, Amazon and IndieBound.

(New York, 2016)