Shantell Martin - The Importance of Conversation series at Nifty Gateway

Shantell Martin Returns to Nifty Gateway with “The Importance of Conversation” Series on January 29th, 2022.

Building off her debut Nifty Gateway collection “The Importance of Process” Shantell Martin’s latest collection explores the importance of conversation

“Through this collection, I hope to expand on the purpose of art and creativity. For me, true art is the application of creativity. Art is about creating and actively engaging in conversation. Conversations that create connections, a deeper understanding of oneself and the outside world, shift perceptions & ultimately lead to undeniable growth and lasting positive change. Change that benefits not just a select few but ALL. ” 

- Shantell Martin 

Project Credits:
Ben Sheppee - Animation
Laksmi Hedemark - Copy
Max Bucksbaum - Nifty Gateway