For Art Production Fund's third installment of their video art program, they commissioned Shantell Martin for a site-specific video piece. The video work appeared on Westfield World Trade Center’s 21 screens of varying sizes, with one measuring four stories tall and another 280 feet long. This new work by Martin explores some of the questions and repetitions we find ourselves asking: Are You being You? Are You being true? Who are You? Are you YOU Permutations of the same questions are repeated throughout the work and resonate in viewers in both subtle and more profound ways.

The work intentionally plants questions for viewers to reflect upon and to consider as they pass through the center whether heading to work or on their way home. These illustrations were designed by Martin on a digital tablet and were collected and animated by collaborator Optical Animal.

“The World Trade Center is my route home most of the time and these are the thoughts I've had in the space often that will now be visible on the screens.” – Shantell Martin.

(New York, 2019)