Max Mara

In celebration of Max Mara’s Spring/Summer 2017 eyewear collection, Max Mara collaborated with Shantell Martin to create a unique collection titled “Prism in Motion,” translating Shantell Martin’s signature style of stream-of conscious lines and words into playful and curious wearable pieces of art. Shantell’s original artwork was digitally reproduced and decomposed into 1000 different pieces which were integrated into a beautiful frame style, with bold volumes and cat-eye shape. The sunglasses are constructed in Optyl®. The extraordinary physical and chemical properties of Optyl® ensure unparalleled sparkle and transparency. 

For these Max Mara x Shantell Martin sunglasses (MM/SM), the Optyl®, technology made it possible to insert small paper fragments reproducing the artwork into each eyewear model, thus creating an exclusive limited edition capsule collection of 1000 numbered pieces, each one representing a different and unique section of the artwork. As Shantell so beautifully explained, people will be able to “wear the [art]work, walk away with it and experience it in a completely new way”.

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Collaboration also featured in: Wallpaper - Vogue China - WWD - Vanity Fair

(Paris, 2017)