Kelly Wearstler

After a gorgeous back-and-forth of inspiration, it’s no surprise that interior designer Kelly Wearstler and Shantell managed to create a plethora of ideas. For months Kelly would send Shantell pieces to draw on, and after months of epistolary communication, they began their collaboration together on an atmospheric capsule collection. Invoking themes of boldness, style, and a unique ease, they created a host of original objects, such as chairs, ottomans, marble pieces and leather jackets, as well as the store windows, all daubed with Shantell’s inquisitive line drawings.

The process was organic, easy, and a return to sincere collaboration; a meeting of the minds. It was also a very successful exhibition, Shantell was featured in The New York Times, T Magazine and Vogue, and a few of their pieces were sold at Bergdorf Goodman.

(Los Angeles, 2014)