B&B Italia collaborates with Shantell Martin at Miami Art Basel

B&B Italia collaborated with artist Shantell Martin to celebrate the iconic Camaleonda by Mario Bellini. Designed in 1970 by Mario Bellini the Camaleonda sofa was re-edited by B&B Italia in 2020. During a live performance, Shantell Martin customized a white version of the iconic Camaleonda with her distinctive drawings merging the sofa into her environment like a chameleon.

The artwork imagined by the artist takes inspiration from the name, a combination of “camaleonte” (chameleon), and “onda” (wave), a name invented by his creator, Mario Bellini, in 1970. “For me, this was a natural starting point and something that I felt fundamentally to be a core aspect to my work as an artist. So I wanted to create a calm and immersive experience around not only this iconic design but around this idea of functional adaptability and nature.” says Shantell Martin.