Platon - Eye Love You, Eye Hate You

On Sunday, June 6th Platon released 12 groundbreaking NFTs entitled ‘Eye Love You, Eye Hate You’. The irises are extractions from his portrait photographs taken over the past 30 years and belong to some of the world’s most respected, and even controversial figures.

Platon aims to disengage viewers’ instant judgement of his subjects— the duality of ‘good and bad’, ‘love and hate’, and instead cultivate a curiosity in the complexion of the human condition. Who are we when the parts of us that are scrutinized the most are stripped away?

The first round of 12 individual NFTs included irises belonging to Edward Snowden, Barack and Michelle Obama, Elon Musk, Vladimir Putin, Adele, and Prince. They were released on, an NFT marketplace that uses eco-conscious blockchain technology. Keep an eye out for the next two drops of this time-limited series.