Dave Navarro and PADHiA's Duel Diagnosis - The Nervous System Series

At the foundation of the human experience, far below the surface manifestations of our thoughts, behavior, and struggles is: 

The Nervous System 

The Nervous System is a complex system of over 7 trillion nerves which directs, controls, regulates, and communicates the impulses and electricity that forms our experience, mostly below the surface of our awareness. It influences both our physical body and our mind. While the nervous system and its formation is a foundational subject of trauma healing, it is also a critical piece of understanding the human experience as triggers and reactions are continually being wired together, creating all the dimension and subtext of what we experience. It also creates distortion, such as terror in response to things that are in fact benign or friendly. Rarely are we truly responding to the present, but often instead we are subconsciously reacting to an electrical blueprint that is a relic of the past. The Nervous System is highly impressionable, malleable, and is continuously being sculpted throughout our life by our experiences. So much of our common human struggles have to do with the wiring and conditioning of this intricate system, especially as set up during our development. Although this system creates and dominates so much of the human experience, it is rarely discussed. We are quick to pathologize anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. without considering how our environment set up our electrical blueprint including this system of preprogrammed responses. This is the case for all humans, not just those with mental health struggles. Rarely do we consider what autonomy we may be able to gain over it, rewiring with intention for more ease in our existence. Understanding this fundamental aspect of being human allows us to understand each other better, treat each other with more compassion and understanding, and build a world that promotes mental health rather than actively erodes it. 

In highlighting this topic of conversation, DD seeks to bring new perspective, deeper understanding and connection, and call attention to the absolute absurd complexity of being human.