Netflix's "The Principles of Pleasure" with Animations by Mighty Oak

Narrated by Michelle Buteau, this 3-episode docuseries brings sex, joy and modern science together to celebrate the complex world of pleasure.

Each episode covers a different aspect of pleasure: debunking the myths of sex education, how pleasure occurs in the mind, and how others can affect our pleasure.

Mighty Oak produced over 30 minutes of animation for the series using stop motion, collage, motion graphics and three different styles of 2D.

They brought on an archival researcher to help find hundreds of images related to sex education throughout human history, human anatomy, and all things “pleasure.” They worked with a medical illustrator to accurately show the anatomical parts of the human body in all their beauty. And they created object animation for all kinds of things — sex toys, a wall of Bon Jovi posters, and, of course, a vulva cupcake.

Watch the series HERE. And if you want to learn more about the systemic inequality that is discussed in the series and how it impacts you — visit (Text by Mighty Oak)