The New York Times Style Magazine - Saweetie

Joshua Kissi photographed Saweetie in her LA home as she spent the day with T Magazine. The T Culture Issue follows a group of artists throughout the course of a day, exploring the intimate moments of their lives that contribute, in ways small and large, to their creative process. ⁠

“There can be a lot of ideas and opinions simultaneously happening in my life at any one time, so it’s important that I meditate before anything so that I know my vision is clear. This practice — of lighting palo santo, of sitting quietly — has also made me grow as a person; through it, I’ve discovered my purpose, which is to inspire and empower women. Once I reached this deeper sense of self, it triggered my interest and passion for music. Now I know why I’m here.

Because musicians work in such chaotic environments, I have to make sure that I’m not acting erratic and being impulsive. I just take my time. I’m patient. I want to make sure that what I’m doing has intention. We all respond to energy — it has an effect on our bodies.

When I meditate, I like to visualize: I’ve manifested a lot that has happened in my life. Before I learned how to meditate, I’d write down ideas or create a vision board, and all of it’s come true. I feel like meditation only strengthens that superpower.”

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