Beats By Dre

Kissi’s virtual photoshoot features the latest colors of Powerbeats Pro and four rising creatives.

For photographer and creative director Joshua Kissi, the goal was supposed to be simple: a photo series that showcases creatives in their natural settings. The catch? The whole “social distancing” thing.

But what seemed to be an obstacle became part of the story.

“After the world opens back up, I really want people to look back and be like, ‘Wow, like we were really, really in that,'” Joshua says. “'In that time, artists chose to continue to create.’”

Through an elaborate setup that involved two iPhones, a laptop, props and endless collaboration, he was able to remain in his NY home and create this intimate portrait series of creatives in their homes.

With the new colors of Powerbeats Pro, inspired by self expression, Joshua partnered each artist with a color that celebrated who they were.

In each series, there was a different story. A different experience.