The Woodside Experiment: Jason Woodside's Limited Series Surf Boards

Jason Woodside is a visual artist specializing in painting with acrylics and aerosols. Woodside began his career in New York City, attending the School of Visual Arts in the early 2000’s. His work is characterized by vivid colors and fades with contrasting bands of patterns and shapes in public locations. Woodside’s large scale, hand painted murals can be seen on inner city walls around the world as well as applied to many curated products through brand collaboration.

The Woodside Experiment is Jason‘s latest exploration featuring a limited series of hand-shaped, hand-painted, signed and numbered surf crafts.

“Growing up by the beach, surfing has been a passion of mine since I can remember as well as being inspired by surf culture, so it’s quite fulfilling to share a project so close to home. Overall, the objective was to study vibrant, functional pieces of art in a contrasting environment, while introducing  movement and flow in variable lighting conditions.”

The first series of Woodside Surf Boards are now available on

To see more of Jason's work, visit his portfolio