Tone Sculptures

Ever since early January 2021, GMUNK’s drops on Nifty Gateway have been productive for Munky as huge amounts of work was sold on the platform. In fact, some of his biggest and most elaborate sales have taken place on Nifty. To give back to the collectors, Tone Sculptures was designed to reward every 1/1 holder from his past drops, including Symbiocene Mythologica (’Flow’), InfraMunk vol1 (’Scoria’) and SkyMunk Perceptions of Scale (’Billow’). To reward the edition holders, there was a drawing for any edition holder on the platform (’Recoil’), and lastly there was a burn mechanism to help bring down the supply count for his classic open edition cosmicam.canalis and in reward, a representation of its ashes, entitled ‘Grain’.  

This series was grounded in Cymatics research and execution using vibrational plates, various natural substrates and high-speed cinematography techniques developed in collaboration with some of his favorite people. The results are meditation-induced musings on vibrations and materiality, a churning and shifting painting of sorts that is based on practical physics and reactionary energy. 

This collector’s drop ran through Nifty Gateway on August 25th, 2022.