SkyMunk vol1—Perceptions of Scale

Born out of a curiosity about perspective and scale, this three volume photo series is a study and geological survey of texture and perception. It challenges the eye, and further questions the validity of horizon lines and angles to subvert what we’re used to seeing. In turn, Skymunk vol1—Perceptions of Scale takes something that is perhaps familiar and dramatic, the awe inspiring character of nature’s architecture, and taunts the viewer with it, inviting them to experience it differently.

Through aerial photography the macro can seem micro, and the micro can be understood or held with a new kind of reverence. As the photographer himself manipulates scale he is in turn questioning perception, positing that it is all an illusion and at the same time celebrating and falling into the embrace of the misconception of magnitude, and the misperception of depth, until there is the most peaceful and serene kind of delusion.

Within the rhythm of these questions and curiosities we begin to see that at play here is not strictly a dazzling photographic series, but a symphony composed out of nature’s most violent, vibrant, convivial, and remarkable instrumentation.