Participating in a fabled Sotheby’s auction has always been a dream of Munky’s; literally one of those unattainable goals that you set but are convinced will never be achieved (those are healthy goals). So when he got a call from Steve Aoki’s team asking him to participate in the Sotheby’s Metaverse Natively Digital 1.2 auction under Aoki’s curation, it was truly one of the highlights of 2021. The auction served as an immersive destination for digital art, offering a curated selection of NFTs, the collectors shining a spotlight on the people who have championed digital artists and contributed to the space. ND1.2 was the first sale in the Sotheby’s Metaverse, consisting of 53 lots of culturally significant art from the vaults of 19 collectors. 

Curator Steve Aoki, a collector of GMUNK, sees him as an important figure now and in the future: “GMUNK is an icon in the space. He represents a rich digital culture that has been building for years. His ability to seamlessly blend traditional photography and videography with digital art creates stunning images that draw me in. I think it’s important that we highlight artists like him as the space grows.”