Inside the Reactor

At the conclusion of 2021, the worlds of traditional fine art and NFTs merged as one in an unprecedented showcase between legendary auction house Christie’s and nft now at Art Basel Miami. The collaborative gallery, “The Gateway” opened to the public and with it an exhibit of work from some of the most prolific animators, artists, technologists, and painters in the world. With pieces ranging from the subversive to the pastoral, the nft now x Christie’s collaboration was a reflection of this moment in art history — of the seismic shift away from siloed thinking on how artwork is made, sold, and shared. 

The Gateway offered a glimpse into this not-so-distant future in which the worlds of traditional art and NFTs coexisted in creative harmony. By bringing together storied auction house Christie’s, crypto-native platforms SuperRare and Blockparty, curator Ronnie K. Pirovino, and leading collectors like Seedphrase and 33NFT, nft now united the crypto art trailblazers with luminaries from the fine and contemporary art worlds under one roof.

The artist lineup for the sale was a who’s who of top Digital Artists in the space and was a huge honor to be included with such esteemed company:

Andre OsheaAlpha Centauri KidAsh ThorpBaeigeBlake KathrynDotPigeonFriendsWithYouFvckrenderGMUNKJoshua DavisKESHKrista KimMaciej KuciaraMad Dog JonesOlive AllenOseanworldVictor MosqueraWhIsBe

Munky’s contribution to the auction was a rather unconventional piece, leaning into his repertoire of kinetic light manipulation through the lens of optical enhancement. The series, entitled Inside the Reactor, is a graphic study of radiance and powerful connection through rays of oscillating light.