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One of the most important ingredients in the Digital Art renaissance is the playback platform the art lives on. Since the art is a living, breathing piece of work, the display technology becomes paramount, and has led to a lot of innovative products flooding the market in the past couple of years for collectors. Enter Dalbin, a Paris-based studio exploring the convergence of physical and digital since 2003, who connect the dots between visual arts, music, design and technology.

Dalbin reached out to Munkowitz about a curated drop introducing their Dalbin Table, an absolutely gorgeous piece of furniture design that combines screen technology, hardware and software to present digital art in the most tasteful way possible to offer the highest experience of the art.

For the drop, Munkowitz introduced new displacement and specular mapping techniques in a series of work entitled ‘Mylar’ which was essentially the art of transformation using Geologic morphology as its medium. The drop took place on SuperRare, and featured other incredible artists such as Raoul Marks, Gavin Shapiro, Michael Cina, Hannes Hummel, Espen Kluge and so many more.