Ethero Chronos

In March 2021, during the absolute height of the Digital Art Renaissance, The Social Alpha Foundation invited Munky as a selection of the most talented NFT Artists in the world to auction 8 unique carbon negative nifties inspired by Earth and the climate crisis. With support from RNDR, and hosted by Nifty Gateway, all proceeds went to the Open Earth Foundation, a US-based research and deployment 501c3 nonprofit, raising funds to develop innovative open digital infrastructure for improved management of planet Earth.

“The Carbon Drop was a historic NFT Art Auction Supporting Open Digital Technology for Climate.

The Auction featured renowned Digital Artists: Beeple, Refik Anadol, Sara Ludy, Mieke Marple, GMUNK, Kyle Gordon, Andres Reisinger, and FVCKRENDER. At closing, the sale ended up raising a total of $6.6 million dollars ????‍????????‍????????‍???? This was unexpected and unprecedented with many artists achieving record sales. It was a huge honor for Munky to participate in such a legendary drop and served as rocket fuel to his Digital Art journey.