Contemporary artist FVCKRENDER will host an independent debut solo art show (Ascend) this May during Frieze New York hosted by acclaimed pop culture critic and curator Carlo McCormick. 

The Ascend exhibit, a collection of physical works alongside digital works, is a statement about independence and evolution. Large-scale sculptures, original prints, and editions will be unveiled. The works range from a 70” polyurethane chain link sculpture to 4” reinforced hydrocal plaster sculptures in editions available for a fractional purchase.

Carlo McCormick’s Q&A with FVCKRENDER is a unique opportunity for fans to get an inside view on his parallel to the rise of a new breed of artists who echo the movement that grew out of the streets, from Jean Michel-Basquiat, Keith Haring, to KAWS. Evolving beyond his digital origins, the event is a culmination of FVCKRENDER’s continuing narrative. 

Ascend contributes significantly to forging forward into a new era of art and artists. Additionally, DS & Durga will provide the scent for the exhibition, harnessing an immersive environment.  

"In all of my experience as a critic and curator, the art that speaks to people the most is art that captivates the mind and spirit. FVCKRENDER’s art amazes and inspires and appeals.” - Carlo McCormick

Additionally, the artist will release three new artworks in limited editions (15 of each, 5 available of each online, 10 available of each at the event but 5 are reserved for FVCK token holders). These smaller sculptures offer opportunities for those new to collecting to explore and own FVCKRENDER’s art.

“I want to open the art world by offering art at accessible prices to appeal to a new, wider audience. Holding this exhibit alongside Frieze New York is my way of tapping into the art vibe and extending it outward.” - FVCKRENDER

Finally, in collaboration with LISA, the innovative platform for fractional fine art sales, the 4ft "Care" sculpture by Fvckrender will be available for fractional purchase by up to 300 collectors. Beyond owning a percentage of the sculpture, each collector will receive a limited-edition NFT of the sculpture and a signed, limited-edition physical print from Fvckrender. 

"We're excited to join FVCKRENDER on his mission to make art accessible for all. By participating in the fractional ownership of the Care sculpture, collectors will not only receive actual ownership of the artwork with a limited edition NFT and print, but they will also directly impact the future legacy of the piece by having the power to place the artwork in public space."  - Nina Kim, Chief Curator at LISA.


Montreal-based artist FVCKRENDER, aka Frédéric Duquette, pushes the boundaries of imagination and technology while blurring the lines between the physical and virtual worlds through his ambitious experiential art. His work, self-described as his therapy, has been featured in esteemed auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s. The recent success of his FVCK_CRYSTAL project has generated millions in revenue. Some notable clients include Ledger, Supreme, Hypebeast, The Weeknd, The Hundreds, Swarovski, Dior, Avant Arte, Spotify, and TIME.

About Carlo McCormick:
Carlo McCormick is a pop culture critic and curator living in New York. He is the author of numerous books on contemporary art and artists and has lectured and taught extensively at universities around the United States. His writing has appeared in Aperture, Art in America, Art News, Artforum, Camera Austria, High Times, Spin, Tokion, Vice, and countless other magazines. He was senior editor of Paper magazine.

About LISA:
LISA is the first fractional fine art sales platform for the collective ownership and governance of physical art. It enables everyone to own museum-quality artworks, starting with just $1. It all started with a simple idea: what if art belonged to the millions, not the millionaires? Their mission is to democratize the art market, giving power to the curators, artists, and their fans by providing curation and access to the most exceptional and relevant artists working today, plus a social club for artists, curators and collectors.

About Bonfire:
Bonfire empowers creators and brands to forge closer connections with their most dedicated fans by facilitating the creation of exclusive drops, campaigns, and experiences unavailable elsewhere. At Bonfire, we are pioneers in curating unparalleled fan interactions, allowing artists to engage more profoundly with their audiences. We deliver a seamless 'no code agency in a box' experience, focusing on adding value for both creators and fans.