Dave Navarro & PADHiA - Dual Diagnosis, West Chelsea Contemporary

Dave Navarro and PADHiA held their first six week art show and installation at West Chelsea Contemporary in Austin Texas from March 12 – April 17, 2022. To celebrate this exhibition they released a series of original NFTs via the LGND Art NFT platform.

Duel Diagnosis by Dave Navarro and PADHiA is a thought-provoking project comprised of fine art, street art, impactful installations, apparel, curiosities, oddities, objets d’art, rare goods, fantastical spectacles, analgesic perspectives, boldly inclusive ideas, and subversive counterculture. The project dispels society’s narrow margin of what is considered acceptable, normal, and pretty… and shines an enchanting light on the honest, deeper truths of the human experience.

West Chelsea Contemporary and LGND is proud to present Duel Diagnosis, an immersive exhibition featuring the artistic duo Dave Navarro and PADHiA. As a collaborative, Duel Diagnosis seeks to bring new perspectives and deeper understanding to the experience of mental health through their artistic endeavours. Their raw and vulnerable artworks create a space for reflection and connection.

View the accompanying NFT collection here.