Donna Adi Partners with LIFE WTR for The Latest "Life Unseen" Campaign

Donna Adi and five other artists partnered with LIFE WTR and Issa Rae for their Life Unseen campaign to bring attention to artists who are traditionally underrepresented.  

“As a creative and an avid consumer, I’ve witnessed firsthand how bias flows through fashion, film, music, visual arts and other creative territories. LIFEWTR understands that creativity literally doesn’t exist without diversity of culture, perspective and interpretation. Together, we’re inviting everyone to help shine a light so the work of unseen artists can be seen.” - Issa Rae

The artists are commissioned to make one piece of work about a story they believe needs to be told. ATRBUTE artist Donna Adi focused on the the hard work and growth of females in the creative space.  

“As a female in the industry, this is something so near and dear to my heart and I am so glad to finally share this piece that we have been working on together. This illustration is all about females growing their voice in the industry. Years ago we were barely represented in the art world and today there are millions of us making waves.” - Donna Adi

LIFE WTR focuses on partnering with people in the film, fashion, music, and visual arts industries. A directory of underrepresented creatives can be found on their website, as well as studies and interesting statistics regarding the lack of non white, cis-male, able-bodied representation.