June 30, 2021 . News . ATRBUTE
Warm & Fuzzy for Converse's 2021 Pride Campaign

Converse teamed up with Warm & Fuzzy for their 2021 Pride campaign. Starting with a static piece of commissioned artwork, they asked W&F to turn it into a lush landscape of animated content. The artwork is inspired by individual stories, with each style featuring a graphic that explores the duality of struggle and joy along the journey to self-love.⁣ Converse used a group of All Stars from around the world to create a new product collection by and for the LGBTQIA+ community.⁣

The final output was a multitude of unique animated content: A hero mural with all 5 shoes, 5 individual shoe animations, a series of inspirational quote animations, and an interactive AR filter. All formatted and exported in a variety of aspect ratios and sizes for versatility across all social platforms.

Visit Warm & Fuzzy's portfolio here.