Wonderlust's Animation Highlights The Importance of Healthy Oceans For The Ecology Action Center

Wonderlust created a beautiful animation for The Ecology Action Center about the importance keeping oceans healthy. Now more than ever, we recognize how we are all connected, and the harmful impacts human industry has had on wildlife. Marine Protected Areas can help safeguard marine life from threats of overfishing, pollution and climate change. 

The Ecology Action Center is a strong proponent for marine protection and pollution reduction in the marine environment, both within Canadian waters and on the high seas.  The measures they put in place  serve to reduce marine debris and protect marine diversity from human impacts, as well as maintain livelihoods and help mitigate the long-term effects of climate change.

Wonderlust is a design & animation studio based in the wonderful little seaside city of Halifax. They are a passionate collective of designers and animators who love telling colorful and quirky stories. While Eastern Canada may seem far to some, their stories love to travel and when they find their way into your imagination, Wonderlust knows they've done their job. See more of their work here.