Reuko is an American multidisciplinary artist based in Oslo, Norway, known for his luminescent 3D simulations and hypnotic particle sculptures. His works have appeared as vital visual components for headlining acts such as Subtronics, ZEDD, Excision, Deathpact, and REZZ. He has also collaborated with EDM DJ Steve Aoki on multiple NFT collectible artworks in the Web3 space, in addition to selling his own original NFTs across multiple blockchains. Embracing the real-time technologies of Unreal Engine, he has also stepped into the installation world, creating lush and interactive audiovisual experiences.

In 2023 he began a new project titled ‘ADRIFT’, which explores our innately human connection with vast elemental forces, energy, light, and evolving patterns found across our natural world. Always looking to push his expressive boundaries, the project employs a variety of cutting edge techniques, weaving complex particle simulations, cinematography, drones, photogrammetry, sound design, and Al to create experiences that capture feelings of awe and transcendence. With the series rapidly connecting to millions around the world, the project continues to grow as he works with collaborators to expand these experiences into a range of different formats, from digital media to immersive installations around the world.