Lena Tokens

Lena Tokens is an international artist based in the Dominican Republic with childhood roots in Ukraine.

Her style often involves a combination of shapes, concepts and nature infused with humorous detail and whimsy to entertain viewers as well as herself. Lena is inspired by everyday situations, mixed with dreams and the nighttime; She frequently blends simplicity with surrealism in her art.

Her illustrations have been shown in collective exhibitions in London, Vienna, Dubai, Cheltenham, Barcelona, and Hamburg. She had her solo show at Brazil’s AquaRio, which houses the largest aquarium in Latin America. Lena was also a judge for the 2020 ZCOOL Awards in Beijing, China.

Select clients include: HuffPost, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Disney, Nickelodeon, Netflix Lat, WIRED, Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, Playboy, Johnnie Walker, and Lando Norris.