Jason Madara

Jason Madara likes drama, and a review of his extensive portfolio will prove it. Filled with painterly light and sculptural composition, his imagery is rich with depth, color, and just a hint of mystery.

Raised in Los Angeles by a visual arts family, Jason grew up behind the scenes on sets and stages, and early on was influenced by cinematic imagery and storytelling. In 1994, he enrolled at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara as an aspiring filmmaker but soon discovered a passion for photography. 

After graduating in 1997, he moved to Germany where he found inspiration in the great master painters whose meticulous attention to detail and light informed his own vision. After several years of showing his work at art galleries and developing his style, he returned to California in 2000 and turned his attention to commercial photography. Editorial and advertising jobs were quick to follow.

Throughout his career, Jason has created work that engages the viewer with a combination of unabashed beauty and quiet heroism. Today he is sought after for a wide range of assignments: from portraiture to interiors, from landscapes to still life, each of his projects bears his unique ability to create a moment and turn it into an artistic expression. 

In person, Jason is the opposite of his carefully orchestrated images. Affable, and enthusiastic, Jason sparks a fun, collaborative atmosphere on set where creativity and discovery reign. When not on assignment, Jason happily lives in New Hope, PA, with his wife and daughter and is an avid cyclist, interior design enthusiast, and binge-watcher of whatever his wife is watching.