Henry Daubrez

Henry cannot help but think his persona as an artist must either be his biggest scam to date, or his very greatest “tour de force” as they say where he came from. Conceiving his art through cutting-edge artificial intelligence-driven tools imagined and built by people much smarter than he is, Henry quickly figured out letting machines do all the work and a sharp sense of sarcasm would be his best chance at pretending he actually belongs to the international art scene.

After more than 20 years in the international digital design scene and collaborations with the likes of The New York Times, Time inc, Adobe, Tomorrowland, Microsoft, Marvel and others, Henry fell head-first in the bottomless pit of AI-assisted art creation, and while no one is really sure how this actually happened, got some his work exhibited in various places including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Vancouver, Tokyo, or even Valencia. The art scene is certainly a wondrous place.

Henry also hopes speaking about himself at the third person and this shameless name-dropping contributed to a well deserved art-scene-street-cred, but then again…who reads these bios anyway?