Charles Blunier & Co.

Founder Charles Blunier made a name for himself as one of Switzerland’s finest Art & Creative Directors, working for 15 years at top design and ad agencies, before launching Charles Blunier & Co., a Zurich-based design studio, in 2011.

Charles Blunier & Co. specializes in aesthetically driven brand communications in print and web, also creating the occasional design object and retail design. Their strength lies in creative direction — ‘curating the big picture’. They amplify a brand’s essence and take it to the next level, while staying true to its core message, its products and the feeling it aims to transmit.

On their projects they are proud to collaborate with world-class talent. Whether photographer, director, illustrator, writer or developer, the talent contributes their exquisite craftsmanship to the highest standards, led by Charles Blunier & Co.'s creative direction. They mostly work with brands from the fields of luxury and lifestyle – fashion, art, cars, hotels, interiors – as well as with global leaders in wealth management and risk insurance.

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